They Said it Couldn't be Done !

We thought you'd get a kick out of these images from a portrait session back on the 9th (no one believed me that this was a PERFECT way to celebrate my birthday !) and we KNEW Liz couldn't wait to see a few of her kids in action.  Forgive me for not naming other names, but I think it's better to be safe when using anything on the 'net.  If you've ever experienced a "multi-child" portrait session, you know there's never a dull moment . . . and you never know WHAT you'll end up with !  Well, I think things turned out pretty well.  This is proof that you sometimes just have to wait 'em out !!!


Things didn't start out so well, especially when I said something about wrestling.

OK, now we're looking better ! (plus a little added cartoon effect)

And this is my favorite.



sally manges  commented on  April 17th, 2011

These are outrageously great!!!

Wendy Schleich  commented on  April 17th, 2011

Love these pics!! Great kids. And the greatest photographer.

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