A Rising Star

We like to think all of our portrait subjects are special, but occasionally we get to photograph someone with a unique talent, highlighting their tools, so to speak, as we create images they can use to announce their work to the world.  Whoa, that sounds a little existential, huh ?  Well, enter Laurel . . . a talented musician from a talented musical family.  Without giving her age away, let's just say she's starting EARLY in her recording career !  The images below are photos we took for her recent cd titled Alive.  The music and lyrics are all original and very good !!!  We hope she goes places, who knows, maybe the next American Idol ?!

The image on the right is what you'll see on the cd cover while the left is the inside cover.  These are the actual cd liner notes, etc, so you'll probably notice the halftone screen / graininess from the printing process.

The cd itself

Here are Laurel's song titles and credits.

Last but not least, the back of the cd.

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