Snow Days

Ethan & Eva


Here's a terrific way to liven up your portrait gallery at home !  We're offering a very specially priced portrait package to capture the color of winter (or at least the color of the kids' ski clothes !).  For two days only, Friday, February 5 and Saturday, February 6 you can bring the gang in for a cool shot in the (warm) studio.  The price is only $ 75 and it includes an 8 x 10, 2 - 5 x 7s and 8 wallets . . . with NO SESSION FEE.  Please call us at (814) 445-4004 for an appointment and more info.

Bethany and Brandon - October 3, 2009

These guys had a "two-county-wedding" on October 3 last year and, WOW !, what a great day we had for photography.  You can access their album photographs by going back to our site and clicking on the "Events" page (or use the handy link on the right).  There, please enter the ID   bethanyalbum   and you'll get a scope of a VERY busy day for Paula and myself.  Thanks Bethany and Brandon for showing us some great new "picture spots" and for being such patient subjects !

and now it's Engagement Season !

Traditionally, Christmas and Valentine's Day are the two most popular times for couples to get engaged.  We are constantly being asked by brides to see samples of our wedding photography, but so many couples are living and working out of the Somerset area. That makes it more and more difficult to visit our studio for a "first look" kind of meeting.  Well, to try and keep our potential brides up to date on our photographic style, we'll be posting actual wedding coverage and albums on our "Events" page of the website.  All you need is the ID code and you can look to your heart's content.

Scott and Jenna were one of the last weddings held at the Mountain View Inn near Greensburg.  It was a beautiful Fall day and made for lots of great outdoor photographs.  To view their entire day, as any bride and groom would do for their own day, please go to the "Events" page by using the handy link in the column to the right and type in  jennaandscott  to see what we see from start to finish !  Then to see their completed album, type in  jennasalbum 

Keep in mind the album views are as if the book were open, so the blue line through the middle of each layout is to indicate the left and right hand page.



Brian and Kathleen were married on the UPJ campus with the ceremony taking place in the Chapel and the reception in the Living and Learning Center.  And yet another beautiful Fall day made for the results you'll see in their album.  Their ID code is  clawsonalbum 


A Summer Wedding Video

Here's a little collection of images from Jenna & Rus's wedding this summer.  Videos are just one more way to utilize the abundance of shots we take at every wedding.  Please call us for all the details.

Enjoy !

More Athletes We Know

Wow, Fall is such a busy time for high school sports and we were fortunate (and very pleased) to have photographed so many of the teams and players you see below.

At this writing, Somerset's volleyball team is still in the hunt for a state title after defeating Marion Center last night.  Keep it up ladies !!!

Here are the senior members enjoying the limelight !  (or is it ORANGE-light?)


Jill Leadbetter, a cross country runner from Somerset, is heading for the state competition soon.  Good Luck Jill !!!

. . . and don't let anyone pass you !


Somerset Football Team Senior Members


Basketball season is still a few weeks away, but the Northstar girls team is really on the ball (no pun intended) !  Thanks to coach Ed Danel and his wife, Kathy, we were able to shoot the team over the Labor Day weekend in time to get their schedule posters printed up for the season opener.  Daughter Chelsea is in there and has been a standout for the volleyball team, too, as they are looking to make another run at the state title.  Good Luck to BOTH teams !


Northstar Cheerleading Squad for 2009 - 2010


Somerset's Squad for 2009 - 2010 including smack dab in the middle . . .

. . . the lone senior member, Bridget.  We saw her earlier this summer as we did a LOT of photos of her for her high school senior session.

This really IS a tough job !!!


Somerset's Links-ters


and last, but NOT least, here are the senior members of Somerset's Tennis Team.



Attention : NSHS Senior Team Members

Hey, if you guys want a copy of this fun shot please call the studio at 445-4004.  It's only $ 15 for an 8 x 10.

And best of luck to all the teams out there !!!

Rachel's Turn

We're having lots of fun with our "senior agents" as well as their friends !  Here's some shots from Rachel's early senior portrait session along with a few of her buddies from the Somerset class of 2010.

Thanks to all you guys for giving up a little of your Spring Break for the photos !