New Sports Items from Chris Hay Photography

It's Little League time at Chris Hay Photography this week ! Here are a few of the new items available with your little leaguer's photo on them.  For more info on our line of Sports Mate Photography, please see a previous blog post or call us at 445-4004.

Ashley & Sean's Wedding as photographed by Chris Hay Photography

Ashley and Sean were married at a very unique venue, Phipps Conservatory in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania back in November of 2009.  We lucked out with beautiful weather and even though the sun set a lot faster than we'd have liked, we still managed to get a lot of outdoor shots around their reception spot, the Airport Doubletree.  The interesting part came when photographing the actual ceremony, which started at 5:30, and pretty much dark outside !  As you can see, Phipps has a very different side to it when the sun goes down !

The ceremony took place in the Broderie Room, a kind of French Style garden, I think.  Very beautiful . . . almost like in a dream !

The Making of a Celebrity

"If I had known how CUTE this would look, I'd have gotten another one for ME !", exclaimed Sophie's mom as she handed the book over to her grandmother.

We are just amazed at how much everyone loves "the Book" collection at Chris Hay Photography.  Available in several sizes, the 5 x 5 inch seems to be the most popular since it fits in small places as it travels around to be shown off.  The first one we ever created was for a high school senior several years back and they are still the hottest item on our price sheet, but as you can see below, they're not just for seniors !

You gotta love her !

Syd & Adam's Album

For all you engaged couples, here's another of our Eclipse album contents from a wedding last year.  Please go to our "Events" page and log in    sydalbum   to see all the pages and enjoy !  We all had a GREAT time . . . and dodged some major bad weather to get those outdoor shots at the Somerset Country Club !!!

Winter Sports Teams

The Somerset High School Swim Team

Doing a great job and, as of 1-23-2010, have only one loss.  Keep up the good work !



Looking forward to another great season and on to the playoffs !


Somerset High School Rifle Team

These guys (and gals !) are AMAZING !  At this posting, they are still undefeated . . . best wishes for the rest of the season !!!

Letting the Artist Out

Elsa, Paul & Marta

Sometimes we just can't help ourselves . . . it's fun letting the artisic side show through !  We took the original portrait (below) of these guys back in November and wanted to kick it up a "notch".  With a little imagination and a couple of Photoshop tricks you see the result. So, if you ever get the urge to put something a little different on your wall, maybe we could interest you in one of our special touches.

Collin's Debut

This little guy has been to the studio twice since arriving in the world.  Although he and his parents live far away, they've got family ties here and we're glad they made the long journey back for the visits !  It's always a joy to have a happy baby to photograph . . . and he IS a cutie !!!