Chris Hay Photography Introduces Amber

She's a familiar (and obviously friendly !) face around Berlin high school and she's our latest class of 2012 "work-in-progress".  The following images are part of her senior portrait session from Saturday the 26th.  In case you weren't outside that day, it was COLD !  I just want to thank Amber, along with her sister, April who provided fashion and makeup assistance, for braving the elements to get a few outdoor looks that day.  We're planning on a few more sessions soon, but here's to a great start !

Amber's a dedicated volleyball and basketball player, but off the court . . .

I think Amber preferred the warm studio shots !

Paula has been keeping busy with wallpapering and painting a section of the camera room wall and Amber's outfit was a perfect match.

Penguins fan ?  Oh yeah !!! 

(and did I say it was colder than a hockey rink that day ?!)

Love that dress !

It was hard to contain her enthusiasm . . . THANKS Amber !

Chris Hay Photography's Marathon Friday

Okay, we know we asked for it . . . photographing three children no older than 4 (and a half, according to Taylor !), but what a GREAT session we had Friday morning !!!  Thanks to Nicole and her mother, Betty, we have so many images that range from heartwarming to hilarious.  Here's just a few to give you an idea of how animated these guys were.

Avery loved all our toys, but only for a minute !

Taylor found the hula hoops and suddenly it was "dancin' with the stars" !

Talon really pulled through with a smile here, but didn't care so much to share the spotlight with his sisters.

It was decided that Taylor has a LOT of her dad in her !

What can we say . . . these guys all stole our hearts !

Chris Hay Photography Announces - It's Spring !

Here's a deal we want to celebrate ( 'cause it's gotta be Spring soon, right? ) !  From now till Easter, all basic studio children's portrait sessions are FREE !!!  Plus we're offering a specially priced portrait package consisting of 1 - 8x10, 2 - 5x7 and 16 wallets for only $ 65.

And if you are new to our studio, we'll give you a coupon good for $ 25 off your next visit.   Referrals from previous customers will also receive a $ 25 coupon.

Please call us at 814/445-4004 for more info.  Limited Saturday appointments available.

Chris Hay Photography is a BIG fan of the North Star Men's Basketball Team

Good luck to all you guys in your quest for the State Title !

Chris Hay Photography is a BIG fan of the Boys & Girls Club of Somerset

I think growing up, we can all remember times when we wished there was someplace to go or hangout where you were safe and had fun things to do (besides home, that is !).  I've been involved with the Boys & Girls Club of Somerset since it's beginning back in 2004 and I'm proud to say there IS such a place.  Of course the toughest part of managing such an endeavor is the funding.  At this writing, we are gearing up for the annual dinner/auction called "Steak & Burger".  It's the National Boys & Girls Club's signature fund raising event, where the kids are encouraged to eat steak while the adults get a burger . . . kind of a fun twist.  In reality, you'll have your choice of entree, even a veggieburger, if you like, but the main thing is to have fun learning about the club's progress and sharing an evening with young and old.

This year's guest keynote speaker promises to be a great one.  He is Bill Parise, from the Pittsburgh area, and among the many hats he wears, he happens to be James Harrison's agent !  He co-authored a book about James' life, too, which is so inspirational we think everyone will want to come and hear what he has to say.  Bill is no stranger to community service either, as he has led the PA Special Olympics as President and CEO along with spending over 15 years with several YMCA chapters in the Pittsburgh area.

I am extending a personal invitation to all of you to consider purchasing a ticket or table and attend this year's event.  Please feel free to contact me at the studio or anyone at the Boys and Girls Club at 445-1802.

Chris Hay Photography and the Class of 2012

Hard to believe, but we're already thinking about next year's senior class . . . the class of 2012.  Senior portraits are so special to families AND us !!!  We always start with our Senior Representatives at this time of the year.  It's a way to introduce ourselves to the class and try out new ideas, backgrounds and techniques.  Aubrey, seen above, is VERY much into dance, so what better way to photograph her than to go to HER "house" . . . Laurel Arts Dance Studio.  She is most amazing !

How doas ANYone do this ?!

Chris Hay Photography and the Circle of Life

Ryan as young executive !

OK, I guess there are times in all our lives when you have to take a step back and just gaze in wonder.  Paula and I had one recently as we looked over the portraits from Ryan and Jill's session with their new baby.  We started thinking about how long we've known Ryan and his family and then found this portrait of him as a boy we had taken, WAY back when, at our old studio.  This is what it's all about in our profession . . . the privilege and blessing we have in photographing all the important stages in a person's life.  Plus it's FUN doing it !  What more could you ask for ?!  So we wanted to give you a few of Ryan (and Jill's) highlights to enjoy.  I hope to capture many many more !

Ryan and Jill's engagement photo from 2005

A beautiful wedding ! 2006


Maternity portraits are a BIG thing, in more ways than one !

. . . and always putting in a plug for the alma mater !!!

The circle is complete

How cute is she ?!

Shhhh . . .

PITT Pharmacy School Class of 2035 ?  Stay tuned . . .