Our Class of 2012 Rockwood Rep definitely has STYLE !  Elle comes from a family of diverse and unique lifestyles, so it was really no surprise when she showed up with a wardrobe of clothes for her portrait sessions.  She even had some photos she had clipped out of magazines and catalogs of poses she wanted to try.  Whatever she decides to do after high school, we KNOW it'll be great !



School's Out !

Here's Amber, back again with two of her best friends, Lauren and Sam.  They said they went shopping a week before and found these VERY summer dresses, just for Amber's "Friends Session" !  You can really see how happy they are together (and that this was the last day of school at Berlin !).  We wish them a terrific summer as they start their senior year.  What's YOUR favorite ?


The Title of the Video Says Class of 2012 . . .


. . . but it's really a transition.  We know people can NEVER get enough when it comes to seeing themselves online, especially our high school seniors !  So here's a great little video that Paula put together showcasing both the soon-to-graduate Class of 2011 along with some of our senior reps for the Class of 2012.  See anyone you know ?


Lucy in the Sky . . .

Sorry, Lucy, I had to do that !  You might be the first Lucy we have had the pleasure to photograph, by the way.

Anyway, introducing our Class of 2012 senior rep from North Star High School.  We had a great portrait session back on my birthday in April and Lucy had some help with wardrobe and hair from her good friend, a North Star alum (and a veteran of Chris Hay Photography !)  These are just a few of the highlights, with more sessions to come.

Lucy is a theatrical kind of girl so any "stagefright" in being in front of my camera was quickly dismissed.

She seemed to be right at home on one of our "sets".

Sometimes I worry too much about just-the-right outfit and then realize it's ALL about the close up !

 Thanks Lucy !

What a great bunch of kids !

Here's a video you don't want to miss !  Nothing else needs to be said . . .



They Said it Couldn't be Done !

We thought you'd get a kick out of these images from a portrait session back on the 9th (no one believed me that this was a PERFECT way to celebrate my birthday !) and we KNEW Liz couldn't wait to see a few of her kids in action.  Forgive me for not naming other names, but I think it's better to be safe when using anything on the 'net.  If you've ever experienced a "multi-child" portrait session, you know there's never a dull moment . . . and you never know WHAT you'll end up with !  Well, I think things turned out pretty well.  This is proof that you sometimes just have to wait 'em out !!!


Things didn't start out so well, especially when I said something about wrestling.

OK, now we're looking better ! (plus a little added cartoon effect)

And this is my favorite.


A Rising Star

We like to think all of our portrait subjects are special, but occasionally we get to photograph someone with a unique talent, highlighting their tools, so to speak, as we create images they can use to announce their work to the world.  Whoa, that sounds a little existential, huh ?  Well, enter Laurel . . . a talented musician from a talented musical family.  Without giving her age away, let's just say she's starting EARLY in her recording career !  The images below are photos we took for her recent cd titled Alive.  The music and lyrics are all original and very good !!!  We hope she goes places, who knows, maybe the next American Idol ?!

The image on the right is what you'll see on the cd cover while the left is the inside cover.  These are the actual cd liner notes, etc, so you'll probably notice the halftone screen / graininess from the printing process.

The cd itself

Here are Laurel's song titles and credits.

Last but not least, the back of the cd.