Valentine's Day Portrait Special

Hope to see you soon !

Seniors and their Vehicles

One of the reasons I've been so passionate about high school senior portraits is remembering MY senior year and NOT having any of the cool photos that the seniors of today have.  I know they probably roll their eyes whenever we parents start the "whenever I was growing up" speech, but for many of us, there are no images of what we looked like other than the suit or dress that we had to wear for the senior portrait of that era.  No one even suggested we get a photo taken OUTside, let alone with our car !  Which leads me to this post and one of my other "minor passions", vehicles.  We do quite a few senior portraits including a vehicle, which probably helps to date a photograph more than anything else I can think of.  I'm sure I'm not alone with fond memories of those early driving years and the cars (or trucks, bikes or whatever) we drove around in.  Sadly, I have very few images of ANY of them, although I'm pretty sure there are some slides (yes, Kodachrome) lurking in the attic amid the 30 or more slide trays that I keep promising to pull out and scan.

That being said, I did manage to keep the owners manual from my first "car" (thanks to my father, 'cause I didn't have a job while in school !).  To say that I loved my '67 Nissan Patrol, would be an understatement !  I could go on and on, but let's just say it was an eye catching money pit.  It was probably in the shop more than on the road, mainly because even the local Datsun dealer had never heard of it.  Apparently very few were imported and we were "lucky" enough not to ask ANY pertinent questions about it.  Like "can you get parts for this thing?" or "does the gas gauge work?" or "where's the battery?".  You get the idea, love at first sight : - )

OK, enough about me !  Below are some of the lucky ones from the class of 2013 who will have a lasting remembrance of at least one of their rides !

Katie and her Jeep

Eric out and about at his uncle's place.

Derick and his sweet Mustang !

OK, had to sneak this in !

I know, this really isn't legit, but it WAS a vehicle at some point !  Drew at the "Chickentown Ranch".

Not really Marissa's, but it lives across the street and we all thought it was pretty cool . . .

Brad, built Ford tough !

. . . and not everyone drives their favorite vehicle to school.  Jared has a thing for tractors.

Randon, it's ALL about the ride !

Kennedy says, "Every girl wants a Hummer !"

Lucky 2013

We're excited . . . it's getting closer to senior portrait time !  So here's a sneak peek at a few soon-to-be-seniors from the class of 2013.  These guys are our models and were terrific to work with.  We even got some shots outside with all the nice weather we had back in March, a rarity for us.

If you happen to know any of our models, are in the 2013 graduating class and want to get a good deal on YOUR senior portraits, ask them for one of their Portrait Discount Cards.  Bring the card into us at the time of your session and you'll get $ 50 off your portrait order !  PLUS we have session discounts in May, June & July so call soon (814)445-4004.


One More Look (and Thank-you !) at Our Class of 2012 Models

Being a model can mean many things to many people, but I think there's one point we'd all agree on . . . it's a GOOD thing !  And being a high school senior model for Chris Hay Photography is ALL good !!!

The ladies you see below were all a lot of fun to work with and I hope they would agree that their modelling experience with us was a win / win situation.  We photographed each of them very early on in 2011 in order to give us a chance to try out some new backgrounds, test upcoming fashion ideas and provide them with a set of photos they could take back to show their friends and classmates.  In exchange for doing all of this for us, sometimes enduring some pretty cold weather outside, we gave them their portrait sessions at no charge. Hence the win / win.


 It takes more than just "walking in the door" to get the finished product we have been known for.  It starts with a clothing consultation to discuss styles, colors and what look our portrait client is going for.  Then there's hair and make-up (guys, at least you don't have to worry about THAT, huh ?!).  Elle really came prepared.

We like it when seniors bring something they're passionate about to the session.  Amber was all about volleyball and I think it shows ; - )

And, as you can probably imagine, the things seniors are most passionate about are their clothes.  Lucy really wanted to incorporate her DMB shirt into her session . . . so we did !  Plus the beauty of the digital world is that we can also add some cool graphics and styling to the finished print, which is one of things WE are passionate about.

Amy was the luckiest of our 2012 models . . . we actually had a NICE day to shoot outside.  Hope she wasn't too embarrassed walking around uptown Somerset with us.  It's kind of hard to keep a low profile when there's a guy running around with a big camera and tripod !

 Aubrey was our dancer of the group and we really enjoyed photographing some of her session up at the Laurel Arts Dance Center.


Best of luck to our models and to ALL the Class of 2012 in all that the future holds for them !


Catching up with Senior Portraits

Well, the summer literally flew by and I have been so busy "snapping away", I've gotten a little behind in my blogging !  Here is just a sampling of the high school seniors we've had the pleasure of working with these past few months.  More to come, I promise !











Bob Marley Fan

Hogan showed up for his senior portrait session with one theme to work on, a love of Bob Marley and his music.  I always love it when someone brings more to the session than just themself.  In this case it was a Bob Marley blanket !  And it worked beautifully into the set as a backdrop for several images.  We're having a really fun summer shooting one of our favorite subjects, high school seniors.  We think they're having a ball, too.

oh, yeah, his choice of shirts ?  You guessed it !

Ed's a Dedicated Firefighter AND High School Senior

We've said it before, but this era's high school seniors seem to have a lot more going on than ever before.  Case in point, Ed (or Eddie to friends and family) somehow balances school, football, work and fighting fires !  If you know the family, you know firefighting is in their blood.  I don't think volunteers get enough credit for what they do, so here's to Ed, his dad and all those volunteer firefighters around the country !!!