Home Run Wedding

Weddings are always about the bride, but yesterday's had a little bit of baseball thrown in.  Ryan has some history in the sport, along with his brother, so Alaina wanted to add a little highlight to the groom !

Here's how our bride kept her feet moving all day (and all night dancing) !

Ryan's first look at his new bride in her gown.

. . . and thanks to both sets of parents for all their efforts !  Truly a happy day for all !!!

Do I need to say anything here ?!  Just a beautiful couple . . .

I think we actually had enough for a game !

They've got a LOT of friends, too !

Stopped off at Green Gables to take in some beautiful backgrounds on a picture-perfect day.  Thanks, Teresa.

What a night !  Thanks Alaina & Ryan, for letting us be part of your day !!!

Rain Rain Go AWAY !

This is what we're SUPPOSED to be doing this time of year . . . senior portraits OUTdoors !  Mother Nature is trying our patience in scheduling our sessions, though, so we're glad we have a studio to shoot inside when it's too wet to venture outside.  Portraits are all about light and anyone who knows me knows that I won't do it if the light's not right.  This has made for some extended sessions so far this summer.  We have had a few good days, as these photos depict, but they have been few and far between.  It's not time to panic, but c'mon SUN !!!

Karen and Rick

Memorial Day weekend Sunday . . . with a great couple and all their extended families.  And what a beautiful setting for a wedding.  Seven Springs !  Could have used a little more heat, though ; - )  We had planned outdoor photos all the way and we pretty much kept to the plan.  A few discouraging words from the younger crowd, but I was wearing a suit (which includes a JACKET !) so it wasn't bothering me !!  Our bride and groom could not have been nicer or more gracious.  Thanks Karen and Rick for a great day and fun filled evening.

Taking a (coffee) Break

One of the things we strive for in our portraiture is diversity.  When Morgan joined on with us as a Class of 2014 model, we found out she LOVES coffee, so I thought what better way to start her portrait session than with a cup of Joe ?  And what better place to do the photographs than Crazy Alice's ?  Alice has been very gracious in the past in letting us shoot outside on her patio and she was more than happy to let us roam inside for Morgan's session.  That and it was snowing out !!!  Location shoots always present photographers with lighting challenges, not to mention background items and dodging other people.  All in all, I'd say we did alright !

From Wedding to Family

It never ceases to amaze me the number of people we've photographed as the years roll on.  We started with Bryan and Becky when we did their wedding many years ago and look at them now !

Our intention was to get all the kids together to celebrate little Emma's arrival a few weeks ago, but everyone was in such a good mood, I decided to add individual portraits plus the whole family.  Let me tell you, this doesn't happen all the time when you're dealing with this many children.  I've got to say, they were unbelievable !  So grown up and into the portrait session, even coming up with "their own pose" along the way . . . we were all in stitches with some of their comments and ideas.  Just had to share a few of these !

It seemed to work best when baby Emma was lying down, so we had everyone else do the same . . . with some pretty funny results !

Aiden is the oldest, so he got to go first.  Becky had brought hats along for all the kids, so we just let them do their thing.

I can't resist a serious shot or two when I get a child doing this.  Abby is a darling . . .

Then there's Owen.  What can I say ?  The next Robert Redford ?

Sometimes this is the best expression you can get on a newborn.  She was VERY tired.

It was really hard to rein in their enthusiasm.  And they almost forgot baby Emma was sleeping !

I don't know how many other kids could all "pretend" to be sleeping at once.  I only got one shot of this, by the way !

Updated Sports Photo Items

Well, Spring is officially here and we hope the snow gets the message soon !  And Spring always brings with it all kinds of sports teams getting ready for another season of play.  We've changed and added several of our Sports Photo offerings and wanted to show you what you'll be seeing on our current price sheets for Spring and Summer Sports Photos.

This adds a cool "twist" to the sports water bottle by including a removable cap on the bottom that is perfect for keeping your keys, money or any small items you don't want to carry in your pocket !

Back from a GREAT learning experience

That's noted photographer and instructor, Kevin Kubota from Bend, Oregon, getting just the right angle for his shot as the rest of our class looks on.  He was demonstrating a unique way to photograph into a large window area, which has always presented problems for photographers.

Paula and I just spent the last four days at the Cincinnati Marriott along with 600 other photographers from around the country having our heads filled with exciting images, innovative photographic techniques and amazing new equipment.  This was a very intense and humbling experience !  Seminars started at 7:30 each morning with sessions going till late at night the first two days.

All of the sessions revolved around presenters discussing their own photographic work along with ways the conference attendees could benefit from their new marketing techniques, newly discovered camera and lighting accessories or adding one of their different shooting styles.

One photographer, however, gave one of the most inspiring presentations I've ever seen using nothing but a slide show and dialog of his work experience.  I had heard of Joe McNally and knew of his great reputation, but was blown away with the magnitude of his portfolio and the great risks he took, at times, to get the shots.  He received a standing ovation at the end of his session after sharing images and the story behind his "Faces of Ground Zero" exhibit.  I'm sharing a link here to his site.  One of the amazing things was his use of a one-of-a-kind Polaroid camera to take these images.  It produced actual Polaroid prints that were 4 x 9 feet in size !


We did get a little free time, with some nice weather thrown in, and discovered that Cincinnati and the neighboring Covington, KY area is pretty nice.  Paula took most of the photos below.

Paula always says there are never any photos of me from our outings so she's trying to change that !

A better view of the Roebling Suspension Bridge over the Ohio directly behind our hotel.  Lots of similarities to Pittsburgh, but we STILL have the better football team !

Looking back from the bridge towards the hotel is the Covington Floodwall Murals Project.  Long story, but beautiful art work.

A close up of one of the pieces reveals amazing detail.  The stonework you see is not real . . . it is all part of the painted mural !

Across the street you see the Ascent at Roebling's Bridge building.  Stunning architectural piece !

It was starting to look like rain here, but we enjoyed the "Main Strasse" area (obvious German influence) with lots of shops and restaurants.