Senior Portraits for the Class of 2017

OK, summer's here, so it's time to get your game face on all you seniors!  We have done a few mini-sessions for some class of 2017 students to help get the word out.  Here's Meghan from Somerset High School.  There are so many options and enhancements that we have available to add to your portrait for a one-of-a-kind look.

Don't let summer pass you by . . . call us now for The Best from your Senior Portrait Artists.

Can it be ?

I finally took a few hours off last month and captured these trees after a big storm.  Can we HOPE for this nice weather to continue ?  And NOT see these kinds of images for a long while ?!

Here's the OTHER Chloe !

Our Class of 2015 model from Somerset has one of the coolest places to photograph . . . her parents' diner !  Yes, it's the Summit and we had a ball there a couple of Saturdays ago.  Tried to do the time machine thing and went back about 60 years for that 50's look.  Thanks, Chloe, for putting up with us.  You look terrific !!!

And we did do some studio shots, too, so here are just a few.

What a transformation !

Little League Sports Items

A sure sign of Spring is our photographing all the Little League teams in April.  This year's schedule starts the week of the 21st, so get ready !

Here are some of the items you'll have available to order, for those who may be new to our sports photography.  And feel free to call us with any questions at 445-4004.

Deluxe Photomate - probably the most popular (and coolest !), is an 8 x 10 print with all the images, lettering and background collaged together for a unique presentation.  The print is in a folder with an easel back.

This is the Traditional Sportsmate - there are two separate photos inserted in a folder with an easel back.

Photomagnets (shown above) and buttons (below) are the two most popular add on items.  We design them in-studio, so they are different from year to year.

Don't worry, the above photo of a button was provided by our printing lab.  Yours will always have name and year imprinted with colors to match the team's.

Deluxe Trading Cards are designed to look like the real thing, with your player's info and stats printed on the card.

A flashlight keychain is VERY handy !

And new for 2014, are the two different Christmas Ornaments we have available.  I know it's too early to be thinking about the holidays, but . . .

Nice way to spot your luggage !


Olivia's Turn

One of the nicest things about living in a small community is getting to know so many families and watching as they all grow in size and stature.  We've known Olivia and her family for a long time and were so happy she accepted our offer to be one of our Class of 2015 Models !  You can see from the images here, that she made my time behind the camera very easy !!!

Sometimes, we photographers get a little flak for "not enough smiles", but I just think shots like this one say so much . . .



. . . and these two wouldn't be right withOUT smiles !


The Class of 2015 - We're starting already !

Our first Senior Model Session with the Class of 2015 started as it always does, with the clothing consultation.  Here's Chloe and her mom along with a terrific choice of outfits they brought in to give us an idea of her style.  It was hard to narrow it down to 4 or 5 things, but we managed !
Stay tuned . . .

This cool African print was maybe everyone's favorite.

And I'm always looking for a new spot in the studio for a "rarely used" background, especially when it's too cold to go out !

Here are two variations on a theme . . . Chloe as Diva !

I always like to work some angles with black & white, too.

Dodging a few raindrops

Even though we had a few showers, everything stayed shiny and bright as far as the bride and groom were concerned.

Mandy was simply radiant.

and Pat handled the groom thing with ease !

Can never say enough about the role of parents . . . and they just wrapped their arms around Mandy and Pat.

We're not saying there weren't a few tears of joy shed !

A proud moment.

You'd never know what went on to get THIS shot !!!

By the way, both the bride and the groom are firefighters . . . along with, I think, all the guys.

All in all, a most beautiful wedding and good time was had by all !